Diving Belize

Diving Belize

Diving: for visitors interested in diving (as well as other nautical activities), by far, the country’s cayes (pronounced “keys”), located off of Belize’s long Caribbean coastline can’t be beat. As much as 70% of foreigners visiting Belize are likely to visit at least one caye during their time in the country. The most popular cayes are: Caulker, Ambergris, St. George’s, Half Moon, and Lighthouse.

Along with these cayes, Belize also boasts some amazing atolls, such as: Glover’s Reef (the country’s southernmost atoll, this is a ring of gorgeous coral reefs that are 80 square miles long), Turneffe Islands (located near Belize City, these islands have a number of dive sites, such as The Elbow, and Gales Point), and Lighthouse Reef (located 50 miles southeast of Belize City). One dive site within that area, known as the Blue Hole, was made famous by Jacques Cousteau.

A number of diving outfits can get visitors to these and countless other destinations, such as: Ambergris Divers (, Belize Diving Services (, Robert Grove’s (, Scuba Diving Belize (, and numerous others.